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Teamability Coach: Better People, Better Teams

Know Yourself

Teamability Know Yourself

The Teamability Experience is the foundation of Teamability, and is offered exclusively by The Gabriel Institute. Upon completion of the Teamability Experience, each team member will learn what their natural role or roles on teams may be, as well as receive some information about how they can team more effectively with others. Read More

Know Your Team

Teamability Know Your Team

All members of your team will complete the Teamability Experience. Then your Teamability Coach will analyze team your team. The team analysis will cover the Elements of Teaming: Role, Coherence, and Teaming Characteristics. These will be eplained in relation to your organizational data (people, job titles, etc). Read More

Lead Your Team

Lead Your Team

The Teamability Playbook™  is a manager’s dream! After each team member has completed the Teamability Experience, the team manager will receive a comprehensive playbook. This provides a strong working understanding of team dynamics and a go-to reference book to continually improve performance. Read More

Maximizing Your Team Performance

Team performance is the key to every organization’s success. Teamability offers a path toward greater organizational results through improved teamwork and better chemistry. Eighty percent of an organization’s expenditures can be tied directly to human resources — salaries, benefits, office space and tools to enable employees’ work. And yet most organizations continue to struggle with people problems — recruiting, retention, team chemistry, and ultimately business results.

The Gabriel Institute has created Teamability®, an innovative approach to measuring, analyzing and optimizing team performance. Teamability Coach can help you prepare your team to begin the Teamability experience, lead your team members through the Teamability process, analyze your team makeup, and help your managers implement their individualized team playbook to improve team performance in conjunction with The Gabriel Institute.

Chuck Hall, Teamability Coach

Chuck HallChuck Hall is a consultant and business coach with more than 30 years of management and leadership experience with leading firms such as Prudential, General Electric and Nationwide Financial. Chuck believes that every business, regardless of size or circumstances, can improve results by developing more effective and efficient business practices.

Working most often behind the scenes as a confidential advisor and coach with business leaders, Chuck helps solve organizational challenges and execute strategic projects. He follows a disciplined analytic process, and blends in creativity, experience and intuition to produce insights that lead to dynamic strategies.

Chuck started his career in ministry and social work before moving into the business world where he worked for large companies and a national trade association, before launching his independent consulting career in 2007. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Penn State University, and a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. While not currently practicing in the field, Chuck also earned the Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designations earlier in his career.

Chuck is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association for Talent Development, as well as the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder of the “SoMeBizLife: Social Media, Social Business, Social Life Series” and has been a leader of multiple social media training programs. He recently relocated from Doylestown, PA to Conyers, GA where he lives with with his wife, Amy, teenage son and two dogs. He has successfully launched his two daughters from the nest. Admidst unpacking and resettling, Chuck is now making connections in the business community in the Greater Atlanta area.

To learn more about Teamability, please contact Chuck: or 267-640-5932.